1st Αthens Innovation Festival: The 1st Athens Innovation Festival, the celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship

The 1st Athens Innovation Festival, the celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship, is a fact.

From 20 to 22 November, Zappeion becomes the ultimate meeting point for businesses, startups, universities, private and public institutions.

Three days devoted to innovation, technological developments, business in all its manifestations, with many opportunities for information, education, networking and dynamic synergies.

Representatives from emerging and acclaimed businesses, investors, researchers, academics and government agencies are present through interactive discussions, workshops, parallel presentations, and interviews.

Exhibitors from the most emerging industries, from agri-food and health, to fitech and e-commerce, come to showcase next-big-things and bring with them all the experience and know-how.

Top companies that generate value, create jobs and have a significant footprint inside and outside of Greece, come to meet promising startups that bloom within the ecosystem.

At the same time, with the presence of institutions from the central administration and the government, the participation of universities and investors from different institutions is composed of an innovative mosaic of innovation and entrepreneurship, helped by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Incubator of Young Enterprises in Greece (THEA-EBAA), in cooperation with the Attica Region, the Regional Development Fund of Attica and Industry Disruptors – Game Changers under the aegis of SA. of the President of the Republic Mr Prokopios Pailopoulou.

The detailed program of the Athens Innovation Festival on speeches, panels, exhibitors, operators, workshops and workshops will be announced immediately.

For more information, click HERE or visit the Athens Innovation Festival’s Facebook page

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