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Who we are

Speakt is a fast-growing (Crowdsourcing) internet-based translation provider based in UK and Greece . Over the years, we have succeeded in building a technology platform and an extremely user-friendly interface that has placed us among the leading language solutions portal providers around the globe.

Values and business ethics: that is the backbone of high quality services at all levels. We take pride in our work and deeply cherish the art of translation, as we firmly believe that content professionally and seamlessly translated is the ultimate way of communication with the rest of the world. By choosing Speakt you choose to open your door to the rest of the world.

Our Team

Our team includes more than 5,000 certified and experienced linguists, translators, and language fanatics known for their top performance in their chosen field of expertise. Teamwork aficionados that we are, we have vitally invested in our people: we are fully aware that the strength of a team comes from each and every one of its members. All together, we rally to assist you in spreading your work in a proper and solidly documented manner to cultures different to your own. After all, it’s teamwork that makes the dreamwork!

Sitsanis Nikolaos speakt
Nikolaos Sitsanis
Theodoridou Nena speakt
Nena Theodoridou
Client Support
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Athanasia Tsitsari
Client Support
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Paraskevi Giourka