Nikolaos Sitsanis

Top 10 Languages Used On the internet today

With so many languages available on the internet, the question about whether to translate or localize your website lingers at the back of many website owners. For some years now, the English language dominated the internet. The dominance has been relatively historically and is still is. However, there is a massive representation of other languages […]

What is translation memory?

The Translation Memory device is the recently developed technique utilized in present-day translation device to update the business on a daily basis. It serves as a kind of database which is applied in translation to assist individual translators. Presently, the translation memory tool is now widely used among translators not to mention agencies doing the […]

10 reasons to translate your documents in Speakt

The basic prerequisite of success so as to dominate in the international markets is the correct positioning, communication and translation of your products and services to these markets. In Speakt, we get your material, combine it with our translation skills and translation technology, and we offer you creative solutions and practical communication tools in order […]

5+1 Most Useful and Popular Translation Blogs

We read hundreds of blogs on umpteen topics every week. They give you a look into other people’s lives and help you make decisions or at least have an idea about what’s already been tried by other bloggers. Blogs are online journals where people express their feelings, opinions or passions and experiences. It is a […]

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