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20 funny Greek expressions translated into English

The truth is that the Greek language is so rich that sometimes is impossible to translate into English or any other language the exact meaning. Many of us have said such an expression in English that has caused nothing more but laugh to our discussant. Usually it is about idioms translated into English or “slang” […]

What Greek sounds like to foreigners (video)

What Greek sounds like to foreigners We asked some Canadian students what Greek sounds like to them. We started by playing them audio from a clip of a Greek TV show. Then we asked them to guess which language was in the sample played to them. After a few guesses of mainly Spanish or Portuguese […]

Debit and credit card payments

Debit and credit card payments Speakt aims to provide excellent quality of translation services for all. We would like to inform you that from the 1st of November operates the on-site automated transaction system with credit or debit card by selecting the combination Paypal and bank account. Moreover the payments for the orders can be […]

Can technology replace the human translation?

The idea is very simple. If we save on a computer two different languages with their matches and their grammatical and syntactical rules, then we can program our computer so as to when we give as an input a sentence, a paragraph or a book in one of the two languages, then the computer will […]

7 Best Translation Plugins for Your WordPress Website

English, is the lingua-franca of the web, with a share of almost 26 percent of worldwide Internet users. Having your WordPress website in English is great, but what if you want to expand your current web to new markets? How will you cater to the other 74 percent (roughly 2.5 billion people) online users?True, your […]

Lawyer’s translation service

The lawyer’s translation service is a service, which has an increasing demand in Greece the recent years. In order to understand what exactly is this service and why someone, even a person with excellent knowledge of a foreign language, should ask a third party for a translation, we should explain the meaning of “an official […]

5 Reasons to translate your website

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela The translation of the web content in local language is very much important. Almost without exclusion, people answer back better to the language […]