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How much does translation cost on your site?

The cost of translation is calculated automatically when you insert or paste text in the designated filed. The main criteria influencing the price are translation type, document size, and language pair. You can calculate the cost via our online οrder form

Do your translations keep to a high standard?

The quality of our translations always keeps to a high standard. When translating into foreign languages, we work with seasoned and trusted native speakers only so that your translation will have an entirely natural flow.

What are my payment options?

There are several ways via which you can pay directly on our site debit or credit cards, or PayPal.

How long will my translation take?

We can translate roughly 2000-2500 words daily. We also have a special service for urgent translations at an additional cost. You can calculate the delivery time via our online οrder form

How do I know which type of translation I need?

Depending on your needs, you can choose between the three options available on our site.

Economy: recommended for texts of a general and/or informal context. Accurate translations of everyday language texts. Provides the ideal grasp of a given document’s overall meaning. Spares you the embarrassing mistakes of machine translation.

Standard: recommended for professional use. Translation by qualified translators with top-notch performance in their expertise field. Our most popular package with good reason.

Expert: recommended for publication and demanding projects. High-quality translation in specialized terminology by accredited translators. Includes full proofreading/revision by independent reviewer.

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How do I get a receipt or invoice?

All you have to do is download your receipt or invoice directly from your account.