How to translate PDF files to different languages

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and nowadays it is considered as the most widely used form of data exchange. We can easily, quickly and safely create and send articles, books and whole series in PDF format. To distinguish such a file, we simply have to take a look at the extension of the file, which should be .PDF.

What makes a PDF file stand out is its ability to retain the format given by its creator. This means that the recipient of the file cannot edit, copy or even print the file if the author does not want it. But what happens when it comes to a PDF translation? Is it possible to translate such a file?

Logically, in order for a PDF to be translatable, the PDF file must be unlocked and not protected by a password. Moreover, the file should be in the form of text, not in the form of a picture. This is easy to check by selecting part of the text. Apparently, the automatic PDF translation cannot compete with a professional translation.

Translate PDF files

In case you just want to get the point, then automatic translation of PDF files can help you. To translate such a file into Google Translate, the best-known automatic translation platform, simply click on the “translate a document” option, located under the box in which you enter the text you want to translate. Next, enter the PDF file and choose “Translate”. Then you will see the translation of your PDF, which you can copy to a Word file and edit it as you wish. Unfortunately, Google Translate does not retain any formatting or alignment of the PDF you need to translate, so you will need to make the necessary changes to bring it to a more readable view. Of course, do not expect the translation to be 100% successful. You will need to read all the translated text again and make some corrections in several parts, in order to make sense.

Translating PDF file using OCR: Advantages

However, for us in Speakt, PDF translation is easy. All you have to do is upload the PDF you want to translate to the online ordering system and the rest will be done by us. Speakt’s platform features OCR online recognition (Optical Character Recognition). OCR recognition is a process that converts scanned handwritten or printed images into text-readable format for computers. It makes it possible to re-process the text, avoiding typing from scratch.

This helps to count words in the original text, which is done automatically and is necessary to produce the translation offer that will come to you. What is more, thanks to this process, the translation you receive will be in Word, rather than in PDF format, so you can edit it if you wish.

The process is therefore extremely simple and consists of three steps. First, you upload the PDF file you want to translate on the online ordering platform. Automatically, the words in your text are calculated. This feature may be very useful if you want to upload multiple texts at the same time. In this case, you will not need to count the words of each text separately, since the total number of words will appear in the corresponding field.

Requirements and specifications for uploaded files

Additionally, before uploading a file it is important to see the file types that are being supported by the word counting system as well as the requirements and specifications for each file. Each text file you upload must be readable and well-structured because the system only reads text and there are problems if there are smudges, marks, photos, bad analysis, etc.

You can upload multiple files together so that the system shows you the number of words next to the name of each file. Within the “Number of words” field you will see the sum of the words of all uploaded files. In case you choose to paste text right, things are getting simpler, as you instantly see all the words in the “Number of words” field.

The next step is the choice of languages per example English into Spanish or Spanish into English. For each PDF file you want to translate, you must first state the language of the original text by selecting the language from the available menu, and then indicate the language in which you want to translate your text by selecting again from the languages available in the list. By simply stating the pair of languages you are interested in, the company will be able to direct your text to the appropriate translator. In addition, it is very important to remember that you always have the option to translate a text into as many languages as you want at the same time. All you have to do is select from the beginning all the languages in which you wish to translate your file.

Receiving your PDF Translation

The third and final step is about paying and receiving the translation of the PDF file. Once you have successfully completed all the steps mentioned above, you are one-step before completing your order. All that remains is proceeding with the payment. As long as it concerns the payment, there are two options: the first option is to use a debit or credit card, while the second option is to pay via Paypal. If you are a company or business, you will need to enter your billing information and pricing information at this point. Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is wait to receive the translation of your PDF file in the e-mail you have declared, at the estimated delivery time. You are ready!

Translation of PDF files should not scare you. Whether you just want to understand the meaning of a text, or a professional translation, you can find the solution that suits you, following the steps outlined above. Good luck!

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