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Today’s global economy means that organizations of all sizes need a professional Bosnian translation service to deliver error-free Bosnian-English translations for all of their content needs. We have a worldwide network of expert linguists to ensure you receive accurate and affordable translations in a timely manner!

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You can trust that we will provide the highest quality translations for each of your projects. Gain access to native Bosnian translators who are experienced in translating English to Bosnian and Bosnian to English

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Speakt uses an innovative translation platform to connect you with certified Bosnian translators from across the globe. This is why we can offer cost-effective translation services that meet all of your business needs.

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Our global network of Bosnian translators allows you to receive a high quality of Bosnian translations no matter your order size. We will utilize our system to help you manage each project and ensure that you meet your deadlines.

Bosnian Document Translation Services

Speakt offers your company access to native-speaking Bosnian-English linguists from around the world to handle your translation project. All of our linguists must meet our rigorous quality tests so you can rest assured that all of your translations will meet high-quality standards that you can depend on.

We have worked with companies in many industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Technology Research Divisions. We will manage your project from beginning to end so you can have confidence that your translation projects are completed by a professional. Documents we translate include but are not limited to:

  • Human resources documents like employee handbooks, benefits packages, and compliance policies.
  • Translate legal notifications and records for legal teams.
  • Provide Bosnian translations for healthcare records and research papers.
Bosnian Document Translation Services

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English to Bosnian Translation

Professional Bosnian-English translations should only be completed by professional Bosnian translators to ensure you can reach your target audience. This is because the Bosnian language shares many loan words from Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi.

Bosnian is a difficult language to translate, and linguists who are native speakers of both English and Bosnian are in high demand. Due to the complexities of both languages, only an experienced translator can understand all of the nuances of how to each language works.

Our expert Bosnian translators will complete your translation needs so you can reach consumers around the world with naturally sounding and contextually relevant documents.

Throughout the world, there are an estimated 3.5 million speakers of the Bosnian language.

  • Bosnian is mutually intelligible between standard forms of the Croatian and Serbian languages.
  • The letter “R” can act as both a vowel and a consonant. When it is surrounded by two consonants, it will serve as a vowel, and this can make for interesting details when translating documents.
  • The Bosnian vocabulary has been influenced by Islamic-Oriental languages and includes many loanwords from those language pairs.

Bosnian Language Facts

Bosnian is part of the Serbo-Croatian language family and is the official language of Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. The Bosnian language is spoken by over 2 million people throughout the world. The Bosnian language has its roots in Latin, which is much different from other languages like Croatian which stems from a Cyrillic script.

Beginning in the early 1990s, Bosnian has formed unique literary traditions as the language has adopted many loan words from languages throughout the region. The language has changed extensively throughout the years because Bosnian residents use the language as a way to differentiate themselves from the former republics of Serbia and Croatia.

It is essential that your Bosnian-English translator has a clear understanding of your target audience to ensure your message is received as intended. Currently, the term “Bosnian language” is accepted by most government and educational groups, and the Bosnian language is held as a distinct language throughout the world.

Bosnian Language Facts
Professional Bosnian Translators

Professional Bosnian Translators

We know that your translation project is essential, so we put Bosnian-English translations through three stages before we deliver the final project to you. Our professional Bosnian linguists will use their expertise to provide unmatched translations, then our in-house project managers will edit, and then we will proofread each document before we send it to you.

We have developed an innovative translation system that makes it easy to submit your translation needs to our global network of professional Bosnian speakers. Our full-service Bosnian and English translators will help you reach new customers around the world with natural speaking

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