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Whether you need Bulgarian-English translations for business or personal projects, Speakt is your perfect partner to reach your goals. We have a pool of native speaking Bulgarian translators with experience in a range of industries, and we can help you access certified translators for projects of any size, scope, and budget.

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Our native Bulgarian-speaking translators have a wealth of experience translating all types of documents from English to Bulgarian and Bulgarian to English. All of our professional Bulgarian translators are certified for accuracy and consistency of all translation projects.

Transparent Pricing

Speakt uses an innovative translation platform to connect you with certified Bulgarian English translations throughout the globe. This is why we can offer cost-effective translation services to meet all of your business needs.

Quick Turnaround

Our global network of Bulgarian translators allows you to receive accurate Bulgarian translations no matter the size of your order. We will utilize our system to help you manage each project and ensure that you meet your deadlines.

Bulgarian Document Translation Services

Working with Speakt for your Bulgarian-English translation needs gives you access to thousands of certified translators around the world. If you need correctly translated content between English and Bulgarian, then you need native translators who are experienced in both languages.

Our network of professional Bulgarian translators will provide you with unmatched quality and access to have a variety of documents translated, including:

  1. Translate medical documents between Bulgarian and English
  2. Bulgarian-English business translations
  3. Website localization and marketing materials

Speakt has developed the technology you need to have professional Bulgarian-English translations delivered on time and within budget. Our global team has the resources to provide localization of documents regardless of the size, scope, or topic of the translated documents.

Our in-house team of project managers will connect you with our global network of Bulgarian translators so you can reach your target audience with the right message.

Bulgarian Document Translation Services

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English to Bulgarian Translations

Bulgaria plays an essential role in many aspects of heavy and light manufacturing industries. Bulgaria is also one of Europe’s largest producers of lead, copper, and zinc, so companies around the world need to communicate the workforce of the region with Bulgarian translations.

Due to Bulgaria’s geographic location, it also plays a vital role in transport between Europe and Asia. This means that the country has seen substantial growth due to its improving transportation network, skilled workforce, and rich mineral deposits. Global corporations that want to tap into this market need professional English-Bulgarian linguists to reach their business goals.

Bulgarian Language Facts

Macedonian and Bulgarian are very similar, and some linguists believe the two languages are actually a single family that differs in dialect. Translators need to understand the intended audience of your translation projects to ensure that your content speaks to the desired readers when translating between English and Bulgarian.

  • Bulgarian is spoken by over 12 million people throughout the region including Ukraine, Macedonia, Turkey, and Greece.
  • Bulgarian was the first Slavic language written in the 9th century using the Glagolitic alphabet.
  • Bulgarian shares many words with the Turkish language. Most of these words were adopted during the Ottoman rule, and Bulgarian also shares words with other languages like Greek, Russian, and English.
Bulgarian Language Facts
Professional Bulgarian Translators

Professional Bulgarian Translators

Translators must consider the culture and traditions of their target audience when translating content between English and Bulgarian. This is because the Bulgarian culture has different uses honest communications, and most Bulgarian speakers prefer honesty and openness that could be considered offensive to some English speaking audience.

Since this style of communication is different than traditional communication in English, translating English-Bulgarian content must take this trend into consideration to ensure messages are correctly received.

Speakt will partner you with a human translator who is certified in the Bulgarian-English language pair and has the industry-specific knowledge to complete your translation needs. You will receive error-free and affordable Bulgarian-English translations at an affordable price with communications that contain nuances to ensure your audience understands the message.

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