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Speakt offers high-quality Dutch translation services to deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions to reach a global market. Our network of certified Dutch translators is required to meet strict quality standards on each project. You will have a dedicated project manager with each order who will ensure that your translation project remains on track to meet your deadlines.

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Quality Translations

We guarantee authentic and accurate Dutch-English translations because we know that you can’t afford inaccurate translations. Our global network of English-Dutch translators are experienced in their native tongue and know how to retain the nuances of each language. Throw away the machine translation mistakes like Google translate.

Transparent Pricing

Your projects likely have strict budgets, and this is why we offer transparent pricing. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees or unexpected costs to meet all of your business needs. Free translation is definitely not good for the benefit of your business.

Quick Turnaround

Do you need English to Dutch translations on a tight deadline? Our global network of Dutch translators can help you reach 28 million Dutch speakers. Quickly translate text with one click.

Dutch Document Translation Services

Speakt only partners with expert Dutch translators with years of experience working with both languages for companies across of all sizes. We leverage our global network to pair you with the perfect Dutch-English translators to fulfill your business needs. Speakt will provide accurate translations for you no matter the size, scope, or needed delivery time.

Not only are our translators native Dutch speakers, they also have experience in specific industries like the medical field, law, and business markets. We will begin working on your project right after you submit an order with our team, and we can help you on some translation jobs like:

Dutch Document Translation Services

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English to Dutch Translation

Both of the English and Dutch languages originated along similar paths, and this means that both Dutch and English have a similar verb system. However, Dutch adverbs are positioned differently than English, and this difference can cause significant challenges when translating Dutch to English and English to Dutch. This is why you should only use a certified human translator to create content that is effective and retains your intended message.

You should be aware that translations from English to Dutch often end up longer than the original content due to translation text expansion. This is a common result of translating between two languages and text expansion can impact website design, navigation menus, and many other aspects of translated documents.

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  • Financial Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Immigration Translation

Dutch Language Facts

Dutch words are rooted in a Western German language and are related to both the German and English languages. Many linguists consider Dutch to be a language “in-between” German and English due to linguistic features shared by each. Even though it is in close geographic location, Dutch has significant differences with many romantic languages like French, Dutch, and Spanish.

  • Over 28 million people around the world speak Dutch as a first or second language.
  • English has several words that originate in Dutch, including bamboo, bazooka, and cookie.
  • Dutch is the official language of several countries in the Netherlands, South Africa, and Indonesia.
  • The Dutch language is spoken by people across the globe, and it is an official language of the European Union.

Since Dutch is spoken by so many people around the world, there are many dialects that vary between countries and different regions. We will pair you with an experienced translator who understands the appropriate dialect to ensure that your translation projects communicate with your target audience. 

Dutch Language Facts
Professional Dutch Translators

Professional Dutch Translators

Speakt partners with Dutch translators who are both language experts and have expertise in particular fields like law, medicine, and business industries. For over 8 years Speakt has partnered with some of the largest companies around the world to help organizations reach their business goals.

We have access to many Dutch-English translators so we can help you find the perfect translator with each order. You will be partnered with a translator who understands the subject of your translation project, cultural nuances, and will apply the correct dialect to each translation job. Since Dutch translations are becoming more popular, you can find the best human translations available with our expert team today!

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