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Whether you need German-English translations for business or personal projects, Speakt is your perfect partner to reach your goals. We have a pool of native speaking German translators with experience in a range of industries, and we can help you access certified translators for projects of any size, scope, and budget.

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Our native German-speaking translators have a wealth of experience translating all types of documents from English to German and German to English. All of our professional German translators are certified for accuracy and consistency of all translation projects.

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Speakt uses an innovative translation platform to connect you with certified German translators throughout the globe. This is why we are able to offer cost-effective translation services to meet all of your business needs. Machine translations may be free but it is certainly not a solution.

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Our global network of German translators allows you to receive accurate German translations no matter the size of your order. We will utilize our system to help you manage each project and ensure that you meet your deadlines.

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Even though German and English have an interlinked history of borrowing words and phrases from each other, there are several challenges that professional translators must consider with German-English translations. For example, German nouns are gendered, but nouns in English are not. Sentence structure also differs because German contains more rigorous rules compared to English translations of similar word order and grammar.

Only native speaking German translators will know these intricate details and understand how to ensure clear communication between each language. Each language demands close attention to their complexities, and our professional translators will ensure translated content retains its effectiveness between each language.

German Document Translation Services

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Speakt is one of the leading online translation services for organizations that are looking for professional English-German translations. With a large pool of professional translators, your project will be handled by a native speaking linguist who will provide fast and high-quality translations.

The German language is famous for having long compound words, and this means that German translations can be up to 35% longer than the original English text. Not only can this impact the size of translated documents, but it also means that website localization can be challenging.

Elements like navigation, menus, and taglines will display differently than original English text, so you should consider these variables when submitting various content for translation.

German also has formal and informal speech, and you will need to consider these difference whenever you submit a document for translation. Each one of these forms of expression is used in different situations and which one should be used depends on the person you are addressing and appropriate formalities. It’s generally best to use the formal form with general communication, but this can change if your message is meant to be informal or with marketing content. Surely you will know that Google gives SEO advantage to the translated web pages.

German Language Facts

There are many similarities between the English and German languages since English belongs to the Western Germanic branch of languages. Throughout history, Germany was broken up into many small states for centuries and German was standardized primarily by literature as writers looked to reach as many Germans as possible.

Despite the geographic location in Europe, the German language is much different from European Romance languages like French, Italian, and Spanish.

  • German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and has over 100 million native speakers in the region.
  • Modern-day German has its roots in proto-German and dates back to 500 B.C.
  • German is among the third most popular languages to teach in schools trailing behind French and Spanish.
  • Several countries outside of Germany have German as their official language. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.
  • Due to their origins and close relationship both German and English share over half their vocabulary.
German Language Facts
Professional German Translators

Professional German Translators

Our professional translation services can provide you access to certified German translators from around the globe. Our linguists are experienced in localizing documents between German and English for projects ranging from website localization, medical, and the legal system. Our team has a proven track record of success by providing German-English translation services for companies of all sizes across the globe.

No matter the complexity or scope of your project, you can rest assured that we will be able to deliver on time and within your budget.

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