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You need exceptional Korean translation services to ensure the success of your business in a global market. Speakt has a worldwide network of certified Korean translators ready to take on your translation projects that will meet your standards for quality and accuracy.

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Accuracy and consistency are essential when translating between English and Korean. This is why our global network of certified translators have years of professional experience with all types of Korean-English translations. It’s better translate in many languages. This will surely give you many advantages.

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We use an innovative ordering platform that allows us to cut out many of the hidden fees and extra costs charged by other online translators. This means you have access to the best Korean translators while also receiving the most cost-effective pricing on the market. Translate your texts to the best price of the market

Quick Turnaround

Are you looking for professional Korean-English translations in a hurry? Speakt has the resources you need to support high volume Korean translation requests regardless of your industry or content needs. We will deliver your final project in a timely manner, and your documents will be error-free and sound natural for your target audience.

Korean Document Translation Services

Hundreds of businesses from around the world have come to trust Speakt for all of their localization needs. We draw from a network of certified linguists who have cultural and historical knowledge about the region and audience you want to communicate with.

All of our translation services are certified and held to a high standard for both accuracy and quality. This means each translation project we deliver will be error-free and customized to the specific dialect and cultural norms of your readers.

You can rest assured that you will receive professional translations for almost any content and related business services, including:

  • Korean for Business
  • Korean for Sales and Marketing
  • Korean for Human Resources
  • Korean Legal Translation
  • Korean Technical Translation
  • Certificates and Immigration
  • Google Docs Translation
  • Website Translation

Don’t put your organization at risk by choosing an online translator who does not have the experience you demand. Speakt will pair you with the right linguist based on the region, industry, and overall message you wish to communicate. Our services ensure your content is processed in a timely and secure manner, plus you will see that our services are affordable for any budget!

Korean Document Translation Services

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Like other languages in the region, Korean has a complex set of grammar and sentence structure. One of the challenges many translators face is the use of honorifics in the Korean language.

These varying levels of formality are used in different contexts when communicating with different people. This means a translator must be able to identify the dynamics of various communications to ensure the message is tailored to meet the cultural norms of the target audience.

The Korean language also contains a strong sense of hierarchy, so the word carries size types of formal speech and a kind of informal speech. Each form of speech gives a different level of respect that needs to be applied to different content based on the situation, audience, and intent of the message.

When translating Korean from English content, you should be aware that this translation process often results in up to 15% text expansion. While this may seem minimal, it can have a significant impact on the formatting and design of website localization and other types of documents. Get a free quote and translate your documents.

Korean Language Facts

The majority of the 76 million Korean speakers are located in the Korean peninsula, but due to advances in the technology sector, there is a growing number of Korean speakers in China, Japan, and Russia. The Korean language has five dialects in South Korea and one in North Korea. Even with these differences, Korean can be understood by almost all speakers in the region.

  • Korean is the official language in both North and South Korea. 
  • Spoken by over 76 million people, Korean has grown to have a prominent place among many industries around the world.
  • Unlike many other languages, Korean shows no significant link to other languages.
  • 50% of all Korean vocabulary is rooted in Chinese loanwords.

Like many other Asian languages, Korean speakers hold strong importance on the relationship between speaker and writer based on their social status, subject, and general audience. If you want your message to be delivered and received appropriately between document translations, then you will need a professional linguist like

Korean Language Facts
Professional Korean Translators

Professional Korean Translators

Speakt gives you access to over 4,000 native speaking linguists across the globe. Each of our Korean translators is certified in their language, and have shown expertise in specific industries and relevant fields.

We require our English Korean translators to maintain a high level of accuracy across all of their projects. This means that we guarantee that you will receive error-free translations that sound natural for your target audience.

We created a unique system to streamline the process to find you the right person to complete your job quickly and easily. All of our translators will consider the context, dialect, culture, and other variables to ensure your translation project is delivered on-time and meets your needs.

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