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At Speakt, we believe the best translators are native speakers who know the culture and history of your target audience. We have a global network of English-Latvian professional linguists who are fluent in both Latvian and English vocabulary, and our team has knowledge about your specific industry. This means that we are able to deliver accurate content no matter your budget, deadline, or project needs.

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Quality Translations

You can trust that we will provide the highest quality and most accurate translations for your projects. Gain access to native Latvian translators who are experienced in translating English to Latvian and Latvian to English. Quality translation will give you many advantages over Google translate.

Transparent Pricing

Speakt uses an innovative management system to connect you with certified Latvian translators to complete your project. We are able to cut out many of the hidden costs and fees that many other translation agencies charge. As a result, you will receive professionally translated content by human translators in a cost-effective manner for each project you submit with us!

Quick Turnaround

We know that your organization needs to communicate with your target audience as quickly as possible. To help you accomplish your business goals, we will access our global network to assign your request with the best translator available to deliver your project regardless of your deadlines!

Latvian Document Translation Services

Speakt has built a reputation around the world as a leading provider of professional translation services. We have access to native speakers who are certified in the Latvian-English and English-Latvian language pairs. Each of our translators is experts in their field, and they have the knowledge you need to retain the intended message as you communicate between languages.

As an active internationally active translation agency, we have access to the top Latvian translators available. Our team will begin working with you to deliver professional translations for any type of content, including:

  • Latvian for Business
  • Latvian for Sales and Marketing
  • Latvian for Human Resources
  • Latvian Legal Translation
  • Latvian Technical Translation
  • Certificates and Immigration
  • Website Translation
  • Google Docs Translation

Your business can’t risk receiving unprofessional or inaccurate Latvian-English translations for your projects. We know that even the slightest error or mistake that makes translations sound unnatural will reduce the effectiveness of communications.

This is why we only work with native speaking Latvian translators who have an in-depth knowledge about the culture and history of your target audience, so the nuances of your message are retained across the different languages.

Latvian Document Translation Services

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English to Latvian Translation

With our network of over 4,000 translators, we are able to assign your translation project to the best translator available to meet your needs. Speakt has created a unique system to identify and select the right person efficiently, so there is no wasted time or effort finding the right linguist.

Before your content is delivered, we evaluate your project with the utmost care by processing documents through various stages of editing and proof-reading. This intensive process will ensure that you receive error-free translations that sound natural to your audience and have consistent terminology throughout the documents.

Latvian Language Facts

Latvian is spoken by over 1.4 million people around the world and is the official language in Latvia. As one of two surviving Baltic languages, Latvian is considered to be one of the most unchanged Indo-European languages.

Both Lithuanian and Latvian have their roots in a common language tree, and it is thought that these two languages were actually a single language before 800 A.D. The oldest records of written Latvian date back to the 16th century, and modern Latvian is heavily influenced by German due to the region’s social and political history.

  • Modern Latvian has 33 letters in their alphabet, with 22 of those letters unmodified Latin characters.
  • Latvian uses two grammatical genders (male and female), and this should be considered when translating to and from English.
  • There are three distinct Latvian dialects, including the Livonian, Latgalian, and the Middle dialect. While all three can be understood by most Latvian speakers, the Middle dialect is the basis of standard Latvian.

Latvian has undergone many changes throughout the years, especially Latvia’s unstable history with Russia. Since their re-establishment of independence in 1991, Latvia has introduced many new policies for language education to embed Latvian back into their modernized culture further. Get your free Quote right now.

Latvian Language Facts
Professional Latvian Translators

Professional Latvian Translators

All of our Latvian translators must comply with rigorous testing before they are allowed to join our network. Once they are accepted, our in-house team of quality checkers oversees all projects to ensure all translations are completed with the utmost accuracy and consistency.

We work hard to make sure that all projects our team takes on are delivered in the most professional and convenient manner possible. Our in-house project managers will process your orders so your project is met in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner.

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