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Speakt has an innovative translation platform that connects you with the best Serbian translators from around the globe. Our English-Serbian experts are knowledgeable about many fields like medicine, engineering, and legal.

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With our innovative ordering system, you will gain access to a global network of Serbian translators with unique knowledge about translating English to Serbian and Serbian to English. Get a free quote now.

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Speakt offers the most competitive pricing of any Serbian translation agency because we cut out the middleman between you and the perfect certified translator. This is why we are able to offer cost-effective translation services to meet all of your business needs.

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Your business needs to meet tight deadlines, and this is why our translation ordering system efficiently pairs you with the right translator. We will manage each step of the process and deliver error-free Serbian translations regardless of the size or scope of each request.

Serbian Document Translation Services

Translating documents between English and Serbian can be difficult due to the differences between the two languages. Working with Speakt gives you access to thousands of native-speaking Serbian translators who have experience in many industries.

Our teams of certified translators have a unique depth of subject-matter expertise and professional know-how to make sure that your translation projects are completed on time and within budget. We have worked with many clients just like you to deliver on-demand translations for projects like:

  • Serbian-English medical translations for hospitals and health groups.
  • Technical translations for documents between English and Serbian audiences.
  • Deliver professional business translations for many global industries and needs.
  • Serbian is one of the most popular languages and is spoken across the world.

As Western businesses expand their global reach, many English-speaking countries have started doing business with the Serbian region.

This makes accurate and relevant English-Serbian translations a necessity, and Speakt will deliver the best service and professionalism for each of your translation projects!

Serbian Document Translation Services

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English to Serbian Translation

Serbian is considered one of the friendliest languages in the world by many linguists because the language accepts many loan words into its vocabulary. One study found that there were 7,000 words with Turkish origins in the Serbian vocabulary, and there are also many words from German, Italian, Hungarian, and Greek.

The Serbian language holds many loanwords because many when words don’t translate the Serbian culture will simply adopt the original word. While this approach to communication is interesting, it can present several issues for English translations to and from Serbian.
Difficulties between English-Serbian often arise when words look and sound the same between the languages, but each word has a different meaning.

While Serbian-English translations are not our most popular language pair, we are committed to providing you with unmatched quality and service for each of your Serbian translation projects. Our international translators have the experience and knowledge you need to deliver error-free translations whether you need localization in Serbian or English.

Serbian Language Facts

The Serbian language is part of the Slavic language family which is a subfamily of the Indo-European language tree. In the 6th century A.D., the Slavic language developed into three groups consisting of the Eastern, Western, and Southern branches. Serbian is part of the Southern Slavic group and has close ties to Croatian and Bosnian languages.

Bosnian is spoken by over 12 million speakers around the world. One of the oldest records of literature in the Serbian language dates back to 1192 A.D. Due to its historical and geographic connections, Serbian is similar to Bosnian and Croatian.

Serbia uses a unique combination of both the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet for writing. Government officials use the Cyrillic script for all official documents and communication. On the other hand, the media are free to use either form of texts and the general population is equally split between the two types of writing.

The different types of scripts will make a big difference in your translation projects depending on the target audience and the experts at Speakt will help you make the right decision for your needs.

Serbian Language Facts
Professional Serbian Translators

Professional Serbian Translators

Our team will get to work finding the perfect translator for your project right after you submit an order online. With access to over 2,000 professional linguists, Speakt will deliver amazing translations that meet the dialect and cultural demands of your target audience. 

Your project will be assigned to Serbian English translators who are expert linguists and knowledgeable about your particular subject so you text will be localized and handled professionally at each step!

We know that your business needs error-free Serbian translation services quickly and at a price point that you can afford. If you want the best translators for all of your needs, then you will love how our systems streamline the entire translation process from start to finish.

Our in-house team checks each translation before we send it to you to ensure the accuracy and relevance of each project.

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