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Speakt is a fast-growing Online translation provider based in United Kingdom. We are able to provide high-quality professional human translations of over 35 languages and over 2000 language pairs.  Over the years, we have succeeded in building a technology platform and an extremely user-friendly interface that has placed us among the leading language solution portal providers around the globe

Business values and ethics: these form the backbone of high quality services at all levels. We take pride in our work and deeply cherish the art of translation, as we firmly believe that content translated professionally and seamlessly is the ultimate way of communicating with the rest of the world. By choosing Speakt you choose to open your door to the rest of the world

Our team includes more than 4,000 certified and experienced linguists, translators, and language fanatics, renowned for their top performance in their chosen field of expertise. As we are teamwork aficionados, we have invested heavily in our people: we are fully aware that the strength of a team comes from each and every one of its members. Together we strive to help you share your high quality work with cultures different from your own. After all, it’s teamwork that makes the dream work!

Trusted Professional Translation Services

Translation services are essential for businesses no matter where you are located, your market, or what you offer your customers. This is especially true if your company serves customers across the world because language and communication rely on information that is easy to read and shares specific meanings through written text. Speakt is one of the best document translation services for both the most essential business needs. We know how important it is to work with a professional translation service that you can trust and rely on for accuracy and security.

Business Challenges Call For Professional Translations

We live in a technologically-driven world, and that means information is fast-changing and distributed to various channels. To meet the demands of the clients, it’s critical for multinational enterprises to optimize their corporate communications for them to reach their customers in every part of the globe.As customer expectations increase, it’s crucial for companies to ensure that they have everything needed to meet this kind of need. Fortunately, with the help of Speakt, you can get the translations you need in as little time as a few hours depending on your order.


The Speakt Team

Sitsanis Nikolaos speakt
Nikolaos Sitsanis
Chrysa zournatzidou speakt
Chrysa Zournatzidou
Account Manager
Tsitsari Athanasia speakt
Athanasia Tsitsari
Client Support
Maria Tzioti Speakt
Maria Tzioti
Legal Advisor

What Makes Speakt Unique?

If you have searched for an online translation service, you know that it is not difficult to find a solution on the Internet. However, while there are many professional translators, Speakt has come to be known as the trusted online translation service because we assign you with experienced native speakers of your language.We offer content and language management technology together with our translation services. Speakt helps organizations come up with meaningful communications through a useful platform that combines digital technology with human expertise. Through this, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for users become possible. It doesn’t matter what language you speak; we’ll do our best to provide the translating services you’ll need. You need the best translations without wasting time or money, and this is why our customers love our user-friendly ordering system to request professional translations and our professional customer service. We are here to support your business, and we are committed to providing you with unmatched speed, accuracy, and quality for all of your online translation orders.

We receive hundreds of orders a day for online translations for any of our 35 languages available. Our professional translators are native speakers, so Speakt ensures that all of your business needs are handled by a trusted and natural speaker. Here are just a few of the different types of content that customers just like you order from Speakt for their professional translation needs:

  • Product descriptions
  • Employee manuals
  • Market research notes
  • Legal contract and descriptions
  • Financial statements
  • Presentation slides
  • Social media messages
  • Electronic communications

With more than 2,000 professional translations and a highly skilled staff of business professionals, you can rest assured that Speakt is a team of dedicated experts who can work on most of your online business translation needs.

How Speakt Became The Top Online Translation Service

Before he became known as one of the best online translation providers worldwide, the CEO/Founder of Speakt, Nikolaos Sitsanis, grew his vision for a trusted online translation service with only limited funding and a simple website in 2010. Knowing first-hand that the businesses across the world needed a faster and more reliable way to reach their audience, Nikolaos used his online marketing skills to create a basic website to take online translation orders.

Speakt was launched, and soon after his dream came true, Nikolaos assembled a small team of trusted translators from across the globe. As more people came to trust Speakt for all of their professional translation needs, Nikolaos knew he had to scale his team to keep up with the demand and success of his thriving company. Today, Speakt serves thousands of business professionals across the world. Since Speakt provides the best online translation services, their success has resulted in a growth rate of over 400% each year. Speakt continues to drive innovation in the professional translation market, as they implement automation tools and processes to help their customers get the best service, no matter where they are located.

Affordable Professional Translation Services

We know that your customers vary throughout the world, and your business needs options to meet your goals. This is why Speakt is proud to offer three levels of professional translation services. Our reliable and affordable translation services offer the most flexibility for your online ordering needs.

The Economy Package

This is a great option for people working on a tight budget or if you are just looking for everyday & informational content. This package is often the best solution to your translation needs if you are just looking to translate emails, letters, or other non-essential documents.

Even at this affordable price point, our Economy Package includes native speakers from across the world. This means you get accurate and natural translations from people who speak the language of your recipients!

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The Standard Package

Our Standard Package is a the perfect solution if you need professional and business documents translated. Many of our customers use this package for content to be used on their website or app localizations. We also work with many marketers who need their marketing materials translated with professional translators.

This affordable and reliable translation package is serviced by a native speaker from the country of the translations. Our expert translators also spend extra time proofreading your content, so this is the best online translation service if you need the best quality for important documents.

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The Expert Package

If you and your business demand the best online translation package for translation needs then the Expert Package is exactly what you are looking for. We recommend this package for legal documents or Articles of Association. Our customers also use this package for other important types of information like medical reports and scientific/technical documentation.

When you need the absolute best online translations for your professional documents you should choose the Expert Package. Not only will your project be handled by a native speaker, you will also have a dedicated project manager who provides an extra level of proofreading.

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Why Use Speakt?

The entire team at Speakt knows how quickly business moves, and we are here to help you grow your company through professional online translation services. To do this, you will be able to stay ahead of your competition and meet the translation demands of your clients with our trusted and reliable translation services.

The digital economy went through a drastic change for the past few years and as your business grows, the demand for translation services online also increased. Businesses just like yours are in search of a translation provider that offers quick turn around, because the 21st century users aren’t willing to wait.

Next generation online language service provider, such as Speakt, combines quality translation services with process automation in order to meet this kind of demand. Our ordering process is simple and straightforward, and we provide transparent quotes before you submit your order so you know exactly what the translations will cost.

Here are just a few reason why we continue to grow and more customers just like you have come to trust Speakt for all of their professional online translation needs.

Quality Translators

Speakt only hires the best translators throughout the world who are native speakers in specific languages. These are professional linguists who have years of experience when it comes to translating all types of documents, so you know you are getting accurate and natural content no matter your translation needs.

To ensure quality service, Speakt is very selective when it comes to choosing their translators. Each native translator is carefully handpicked and we put each translator through a strict screening process to ensure that you will receive only the best content with each order.

Honest Upfront Pricing

We know that your business operates with limited time and resources, so we want to provide you with transparent pricing on each for each translation order you place with us. We do this by calculating the size of each order, and provide you with clear, honest, and accurate quotes before you ever submit your content to our professional translators.

Unlike other translation providers who have hidden fees, Speakt ensures overall transparency with our customers. In fact, the prices are published on their website as you place your order, giving you the assurance that there aren’t any hidden fees.
Unmatched Safety & Security
We know that your content is valuable and highly confidential, and this is why we take extreme care to ensure the safety and security of your content. Each step of the ordering, translation, and delivery process is backed by toughened security measures for our technology and team members.

We want to build a long term relationship with you and your business, so we work to maintain your privacy at each step of the process. Maximum precautions are practiced to ensure the safety of every document uploaded on the website.

Likewise, the information and documentation coming from clients remains private. Speakt’s translators sign a nondisclosure agreement, and they are not allowed to access the documents unless requested by you or it is necessary to complete the translation project.

Fast Turnaround

Although turnaround times depend on several factors like length of documents, original language, and requested languages, the process that our team uses to process your professional translation project from start to finish.

Our professional translators are efficient since they are native speakers of the languages, so they are able to complete most translations in under 3 hours.

We also have Chinese translators, Russian Translators, Arabic Translators, German Translators, and French translators who are also known for their fast turnaround and expertise. Our current workflow guarantees that our clients would receive the most efficient translation services while also receiving high quality and reliable translations.

Our Mission

Language and content are the top two priorities for any business who wants to reach customers in different countries, and this is why we have developed Speakt to be so easy and reliable. Since written content is at the heart of human communication for any business, Speakt makes it a point that that the translated text is as close to the original while retaining the intended meanings across different languages.

We love to partner with open-minded and ambitious businesses just like yours. Our professional translation services stand out from other online translators because our team of highly skilled translators know how to transform documents into meaningful content for your target audience.

This is very important as the worlds of human and digital continue to blur, companies are seeking new ways to grow their content and improve their brand.

We work with you at each step of the process to ensure that your business is presented with content that is accurate, personal, and relevant for your customers.

This, together with Speakt’s comprehensive strategic approach allows for a world class content creation, translated, and delivery experience. As a result, you will love how Speakt makes it possible for content managers to have a better understanding of their content, and ensure that it would be as clear as possible and reach your target audience with ease.

Our Vision

There are more than 7 billion people and more than 6,500 languages worldwide. As your business needs grow and you need to reach a wider range of customers across the globe, you need to work with a trusted and reliable translation services.

Digital information is now created, delivered, and consumed continuously. Information exchange happens across the Internet– through the help of IoT, social media, and in-person exchanges. This is why customers just like you have come to love our affordable, reliable, and secure professional translation services.

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Professional Translators in Various Languages

Access to the right information is crucial for your business, but it can be meaningless if your content is in a different language or information does not read naturally. Any disconnect between the needs of your audience and your content can result in reduced sales, so you should only work with a trusted online translation service like Speakt.

As the digital world and communications continue to evolve, what may be relevant to one person may not be important to another, especially if he’s in a different part of the world. So, how do companies adapt to this trend?

The answer is quite simple; you need to produce amazing content that is relevant and familiar to your target audience. This is only possible by partnering with a professional translation service like Speakt!

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If you are ready to grow your business with affordable, trusted, and accurate translated content then our expert team is ready to work with you today! Head over to our translation ordering page to build your project, and we look forward to working with you soon!

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