How is calculated the pricing of translation

In the field of translations, before the start of the translation process, it is used to calculate the total pricing, which, sometimes, is the exact price but usually is called “estimated translation pricing”.

Translation Pricing

This depends on the type of the text, the languages, the estimated completion time, as well as the type of the original text since it is a handwritten document. Nowadays, the prices of translations have risen considerably due to the high demand and the great expand of Internet around the world.

A translation office or a translator?

Another important factor that determines the pricing of a translation is the translator that undertakes the project. There are many translators, some of them are autonomous translators, who are often referred as freelancers and translators who work in a translation agency, while some of them combine both of the above. They work as autonomous translators but also undertake projects through translation offices or translation agencies. That means that the pricing of the translation may be influenced depending on the above cases.

Per word or per page?

It is known that since we have entered the world of technology, it is more likely, when talking about texts to mean electronic files, presentations, emails, websites and other types of files containing electronic content. This means that now we can have an accurate number of the text’s words very easily. The previous years, traditionally, the pricing of a translation was calculated per page because the calculation of the text’s words was too time consuming. The truth is, that now the most translation agencies or translators use the costing method per word since it is the most objective method.

Cost per hour

Many translators prefer to determine the costs of translations according to the working time that needs a text to be translated. In these cases, the customer does not have the chance to know in advance the pricing of a translation and this is an important disadvantage in comparison with the other costing methods.

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