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The internet has penetrated everywhere. It is affecting our daily life, how we perform our duties and even how we run our business. The impact on the internet on our life is far-fetched. Many people go online to find answers to questions in life and others from their business. With the increased number of the internet users and visitors, comes the need to translate your website. In the world today, there are so many languages. To say the truth, you can’t translate your website into all these languages, but at least you can to a few ones to reach a greater audience. 👋

According to recent statistics from the internet World stats, English is the most preferred language used online followed by Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese respectively. Among the top ten languages also include Indonesia, Japanese, Russian, French, and Germany. The stats were updated in June last year. What does this mean? It means that not everyone uses English as their preferred language. For instance, if your WordPress site is in one language, it only appeals to a singular group of the audience out there. You are missing out on another percentage of readers and potential customers.

In this article, we are going to look at reasons why you need to translate your WordPress site and WPML, a multilingual plugin that helps you do so.

The reasons for translating your WordPress site

This is not the first time you will see or hear about translating your websites since the topic is not new. However, we are in 2018 and many things have changed. The online environment is changing. It has changed into a new environment. New plugins have been released and will continue to evolve. It is time you need should consider updating your website to fit the current online environment. So what are the reasons for translating your WordPress website into Multilingual?

There are many languages out there

In the current online environment, you will notice that many people prefer using other languages on the pages. English is losing its dominance. It no longer has the influence it once had. Today, most of the online content is in English since English was the original internet language. Now, more than ever English is becoming more and more irrelevant to the online community.

Emerging language market

The future of primary English speaking users is decreasing. More contents are being created using other languages. The internet is saturated when it comes to coverage in emerging markets. It is still going places.

Language is a selling factor

Having a website doesn’t mean more customers. You turn visitors into customers by attacking them with offers and content on your website. However, it had to attract customer if they don’t understand your language. Language is an essential factor for turning visitors into customers.

What is WPML?

You already know some of the reasons why you need to translate and make your website available in multiple languages. There are many software and plugins you can use to turn your website into a multiple languages website. However, if you have a WordPress website, turn it into a multilingual website using the WPML, WordPress Translation plugin. WPML is a WordPress translation plugin that makes it easier for users to run a multilingual website. With a single installation, you get to choose your site language and it will automatically start translating your website content.

WPML comes in 40+ languages. You can also add your languages like Mexican Spanish or Canadian French using the language editor. The WordPress plugin is considered by some the best WordPress translation plugin. The plugin can take care of both the multi-language management and connect your site to professional translators who can transcribe your content. The plugin supports multi-user translation and is ready for e-commerce use. You can arrange your content in a different language in sub-domains, same domains or in completely different domains.

Features and benefits of WPML WordPress translation Plugin

Multilingual E-Commerce

The WPML WordPress lets you build and runs a multilingual e-commerce website or websites using the WooCommerce Multilingual feature. Users get to enjoy complete support for related products, simple and variable products, sales and promotions and all the other things that WooCommerce offer. Running it is simple and WPML shows the text that needs to be translated and also builds a complete translated store for you. Starting for the product listing, your visitors will get to enjoy a localized purchase process down to the cart, check out and even localized emails confirmation.

Powerful translation management

WPML WordPress translation Plugin comes with a state-of-the-art powerful translation management. Using WordPress, users can turn into translators. However, they can only access jobs that editors assign them. Alternatively, you can connect the translation management with a translation service of your choice. The plugin sends notification emails and provides a translation management screen, side-by-side translation editor and jobs queue all at your disposal.

Translation plugin texts and theme

With WPML you can directly translate texts in Admin screens and other plugins using the String Translation Interface. You will see the text on the site and the code and translate from within the Admin panel, no need for editing PO files or upload Mo files.

Works with most WordPress Themes

After installing a WPML WordPress translation plugin, you won’t need anything special to create multilingual themes. All you need is the API functions and WPML will take care of the rest. WPML works without any effort since all plugins and themes work the same.

Proactive development and reliable support

WordPress offers 6 days per week support for all people using WPML WordPress Translation Plugin. They offer 19 hours per day supports in 9 languages all year round. After you buy WPML, you will get all your questions answered and problems solved in time. According to their WPML official website, WMPL is their livelihood.

How to create a Multilingual WordPress site with WPML

To create a Multilingual WordPress site with APML, you need to download, install and activate the WPML plugin. Depending on the package you purchase, the file names differ. It might be a CMS or a blog. If the zip file comes with extra functionality, you need to install all of them along with the WPML package. Once you activate your WPML package, you will need to take care of the initial setup. The initial setup step includes:

  • The first step: the first step is selecting the site’s key language. All your content on the site will be written in that language after selection.
  • Second step: next, you will need to select additional languages for your website translation. You will be asked to select your preferred languages from the list provided and add them to your site.
  • Third step: it involves taking care of the language switcher. The order of the language switcher depends on the languages you want to appear on it. Choose the order and add it to a menu in the widget area and the footer. The language switcher allows users to choose a language and views your content in that language.
  • Step four: the final and optional step involves registering your plugin to allow for automatic updates. Once your site is added to the list, you will get your site key. You can decide to add the key to your WordPress site by copying and pasting.

After you finish all the setup process, you can sit back and enjoy your Multilingual WordPress website. You can always add the language you want or even remove others later on if you don’t need them anymore.

Other places you can use WPML

WPML Plugin can be used to translate your WordPress pages, categories, tags, post and themes in the language you choose. If you need to add Multilingual to post and pages, simply click on the page or post menu to view your existing posts. WPML will see add buttons for each language that appears next to the post, click on the button to translate your post or page.

To add a WPML translation to categories and tags, view WPML>> Taxonomy translation, load the taxonomies to translate your tags and categories. WPML allows you to translate all the content in any other customer taxonomies you may be using.

Why do you need to create a Multilingual WordPress Site using WPML?

Using WPML makes it easier for you to create your website in any language. WPML WordPress translation plugin translates most WordPress themes and plugins, making it easier to start a WordPress site in their language. However, if you want to have a multiple language website, WPML solves this problem. It offers an easy to use interface and allows you to manage your translation. You can also add languages switching options for users.


If you are ready to go Multilingual, is the best way to enhance your audience reach, grow your internationalization online and improve marketing to foreign audiences. There are many other good reasons to use WPML, WordPress translation Plugin. The automatic translation machine offers a quick, reliable solution and helps connect you with a wider audience worldwide.

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