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Our team at Speakt has developed an innovative system to connect you with native-speaking French translators from around the world. Each of our English-French linguists has years of experience under their belt, and they have the industry knowledge you expect to retain the original message of your communication.

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You can trust that we will provide the highest quality and most accurate translations for your projects. Gain access to native French translators who are experienced in translating English to French and French to English.

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Speakt uses an innovative online translation platform to connect you with certified French translators throughout the globe. This is why we are able to offer cost-effective translation services to meet all of your business needs.

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Our global network of French translators allows you to receive a high volume of French translations no matter your order size. We will utilize our system to help you manage each project and ensure that you meet your deadlines.

French Document Translation Services

If you want to reach a global market, then you will need professional French translations at some point. We offer efficient and accurate document translations with years of experience providing localization experience. Our team is made of English-French translators around the world so you can rest assured that you will receive the best professional translations available on the market.

On the surface, English and French can appear similar since both languages share several words and phrases. However, even with the shared and overlapping histories, both languages are distinct due to their root language trees.

This makes English-French translations difficult in many aspects of grammar, syntactic arrangements, and gendered nouns. All of these differences can change the meaning between French and English words that can go unnoticed by many automated translation tools.

Since English translations can vary, you should only rely on a human translator who is knowledgeable of all the nuances between the English and French languages.

French Document Translation Services

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English to French Translation

If you want to reach a global market, then you will need a French translation service that you can trust. Not only does Speakt offer translation services between many languages like French-English translations we also have the knowledge you need for a range of documents like:

  • French website localizations
  • French game localization
  • French-English business documents
  • Translate travel listings and guides
  • Business email and correspondence translations
  • Google Docs Translation
  • Website Translation – Localization

The French language is notorious for having different levels of formality from literary usage to general phrases used throughout the day in non-formal settings. Knowing with the level of formality should be used will be determined by your audience, location, and other factors.

Your message can be lost on your audience if your translator does not use the right type of formality so you should always make sure to talk with your French translation service to ensure your language is understood by the target audience. Get your free translation quote right now.

French Language Facts

The French language has held an essential role in the development of our world. Due to the power of France and the influence the nation has had on our world, French is spoken by many people around the world. In fact, French is one of the official languages in the United Nations, and each speech that is given at the U.N. is translated into French.

  • French is a Romantic language that has its roots in Vulgar Latin.
  • There are around 220 million French speakers throughout the world.
  • French is the official language of 29 countries and is spoken on every continent.
  • The French language is the fourth most popular language spoken in the European Union and is expected to be spoken by more than 750 million people by 2050.

French is spoken by countless countries around the world, including France, Belgium, Switzerland, and throughout Africa. The language is also spoken throughout Canada, so you should be sure to find the exact dialect that you need before ordering a French translation project.

French Language Facts
Professional French Translators

Professional French Translators

From the first steps of your project, we will work with you to see if you are translating into European French or Canadian French. Both of these dialects are distinct, and each audience may not understand the meaning of phrases if differences are not paid attention to.

Navigating between the subtle differences between European and Canadian French can lead to misunderstandings, and our French translation services will help assign your project to the best translator available!

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