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Speakt specializes in a variety of Hebrew translation projects for companies, governments, and regulatory agencies across the globe. We translate legal, marketing, and technical documents that need to be translated from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.

Our Hebrew translations are conducted by native Hebrew translators who have the mindset necessary to communicate in both the Hebrew and English languages.

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You can trust that Speakt will provide the highest quality and most accurate translations for your projects. Gain access to native Hebrew translators who are experienced in translating English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English.

Transparent Pricing

We use an innovative online translation platform to connect you with certified Hebrew translators throughout the globe. This is why we are able to offer cost-effective translation services to meet all of your business needs.

Quick Turnaround

Our global network of Hebrew translators allows you to receive a high volume of Hebrew translations no matter your order size. We will utilize our system to help you manage each project and ensure that you meet your deadlines.

Hebrew Document Translation Services

Our professional Hebrew translation linguists are ready to help you translate websites, legal documents, surveys, and marketing materials for all of your English-Hebrew translation needs.

You can rest assured that your content will be translated by the best linguists around the world because we have a team of over 4,000 translators ready to work with you today! Get your free quote now.

From the moment you submit a project request you will be in contact with a dedicated project manager who will ensure your order is processed efficiently. Your project manager will find the perfect Hebrew translator with the right industry knowledge to make sure that your translations are accurate and relevant to your audience.

  • Hebrew website localization
  • News articles & entertainment
  • Hebrew document translations
  • Promotional content, ads, and social media
  • Customer support translations
  • Website Translation
  • Google Docs Translation

If you want the best translations for your important projects, then you should not use an automated tool to complete your Hebrew-English translations. Hebrew is a complex language that requires close attention to details on multiple levels. In any case its very helpful to translate your page. This will greatly help you go up to Google rank.

These linguistic complexities demand the work from a native-speaking translator who knows the culture and history of the desired area. You can trust our certified Hebrew translators for all of your business and personal needs today!

Hebrew Document Translation Services

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English to Hebrew Translation

Since Hebrew is an ancient and complex language, it can pose extreme challenges to many translators. English-Hebrew translators must know that nouns come in masculine and feminine forms in Hebrew and communication can become complicated when talking about mixed groups.

You should only trust your Hebrew-English certified translations with a translator who has an in-depth knowledge of grammar, so your translated content sounds natural and retains the intended message.

English translators looking to work on Hebrew content must know exactly what audience you are targeting since the recipients of a message will change many dialects that are used. For example, Sephardi Hebrew is often used in Portugal and Spain, while Mizrahi Hebrew is used in many Hebrew communities.

While both dialects can be understood by readers in both groups, you want to make sure that your content is translated to the correct dialect to have the most impact.

Hebrew Language Facts

Modern Hebrew is spoken by approximately 9 million people around the world, and it is the official language of the State of Israel. The Hebrew language is not only important because of where it is spoken, but it also holds importance because it is the official language of study and prayer in many Jewish communities.

Hebrew is an ancient Semitic language, and like Hebrew, it has no vowels. This means that speakers and readers must add the vowels on their own as they communicate.

  • Around 5 million Hebrew speakers live in Israel, and there are many other speakers in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and France.
  • Hebrew is referred to as “the Holy language” because the first five books of the Torah and most of the Bible are written in biblical Hebrew.
  • Unlike English, modern Hebrew is written and read from right to left.

There are many dialects in Hebrew that can make differences in a message from grammar and vocabulary. Since the majority of Hebrew speakers live in Israel, Israeli Hebrew is the most common dialect spoken and written throughout the world.

Hebrew Language Facts
Professional Hebrew Translators

Professional Hebrew Translators

Speakt’s team of professional Hebrew translators are experts in several fields and have experience working with many industries around the world. Not only will you have access to leading Hebrew-English translators for unmatched accuracy, but you will also be able to rest assured that your information will retain context and your original message.

Our innovative online ordering system streamlines the entire process from start to finish so you will save time and money while getting certified translations for all of your projects. We are ready to work with you on all of your Hebrew translation needs, and our global network of translators are prepared to get to work no matter the size or complexity of your project today!

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