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Speakt gives you access to professional translators who have years of experience in providing accurate and cost-effective translations that help businesses increase their global reach. Our intuitive online ordering system will give you the tools you need to reach new markets and target customers around the world.

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You can trust that we will provide the highest quality and most accurate translations for your projects. Gain access to native Greek translators who are experienced in translating from English to Greek and Greek to English. If you are tired of Google Translate mistakes it is time to try something new.

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You can trust that we will provide the highest quality and most accurate translations for your projects. Gain access to native Greek translators who are experienced in translating from English to Greek and Greek to English. You can learn the pricing directly using the Order Translation form. Hassle free.

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Our global network of Greek translators allows you to receive a professional translation regardless of your order size. We will utilize our system to help you manage each project and ensure that you meet your deadlines. Get your free quote and time delivery now.

Greek Document Translation Services

We provide legal, technical, marketing, website, and business translations for English-Greek projects. Your translation projects will be fulfilled by our professional translators who have experience in localizing translations in their native tongue.

With our global scale, you will benefit from accurate and affordable professional document translations for several services including:

  • Greek Video Translation & Transcription
  • Greek Subtitling
  • Translation Of Greek PDF Document
  • Microsoft Office Document Translation
  • Ediscovery On Greek Documents
  • Certified Greek Immigration Translations

Our expert team will help you manage projects of all sizes, and we can help you find the best solution for your budget today!

Greek Document Translation Services

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English to Greek Translation

The Greek language is spoken by over 13 million people, and it has had a significant role in the development of other European languages. Unlike other European languages, Greek is a highly rule-dependent language, and our expert translators are able to translate between Greek and English languages reasonably quickly.

Since Greek is a gendered language, there is the potential for inaccuracies and confusion if documents are not translated correctly. Failing to meet these nuances can result in confusion among your audience and minimize the impact of your content.

You can rest assured that your translations will be accurate since your project will be sent to one of our human translators, and each professional is a native Greek speaker. There can be glaring instances of poor wording with English-Greek translations, but our certified translators will retain the intent of each language to express your message accurately.

Since Greek is an inflected language, Greek words can take on a different meaning based on slight changes. Our native-speaking linguists will accurately define each word to ensure the accuracy of your translation.

We have one of the world’s most advanced online systems to connect you with Greek translators who will help you translate content from English to Greek or Greek to English. We offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing for a variety of services areas, including:

  • Legal Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Immigration Translation

Greek Language Facts

The Greek language has played an essential role in the development of Western Civilization, specifically in philosophy and other sciences. Greek is a Hellenic language that has developed from Proto-Greek, and the first record of Greek was spoken in the 3rd millennium BC.

  • Greek is the oldest recorded living language and has written recordings reaching back over 34 centuries.
  • Greek is the official language of both Greece and Cyprus and spoken by over 13 million people worldwide.
  • There are over 50,000 English words derived from Greek.
  • Many industries need translation services for Greek texts since Greece is a major agricultural hub and a significant player in the shipping industry.
  • Greek has existed for more than twice as long as the English language.

Greek has grown in popularity across Europe in several countries that play a prominent role in many industries. Due to its presence and demand throughout the world Greek continues to have a dominant role in world economics, and having the ability to tap into these markets could have a major impact on your goals.

Greek Language Facts
Professional Greek Translators

Professional Greek Translators

Before you choose translation services for Greek to English projects, you should be sure to select a service with native Greek speakers. This is because several dialects need to be considered, and your translator should have a cultural and historical understanding of the languages that they are working in. Without native speakers, your English-Greek translations could turn out to be inaccurate and cause your readers to become confused.

Speakt partners with experts across the world who have years of experience. This is why we are trusted by companies who are looking for legal translations, financial translations, medical translations, and other technical translations. Our linguists are among the most renowned professionals in the translation industry, and our in-house team will proofreading each project to ensure that you will receive the highest quality translations with every order.

No matter the complexity or scope of your project, you can rest assured that we will be able to deliver on time and within your budget.

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